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Monday, December 21, 2009

Food Shortage in 2010??

Hi all! Just a quickie tonight. The following is a link to an article on Info Wars regarding a possible food shortage in 2010. I'll admit that I couldn't get all the way though it; it was way too long and I'm way too tired! But, I skimmed it and got the basic idea. If what he's printing is correct, now is NOT the time to forget about our food preps. We need to work even harder on them!
Prep on!
Gen-IL Homesteader


Anonymous said...

This past summer, I spent June, July and August trying to live off my long term food storage. In 1999 I bought a semi- load of bulk food from Waldon feeds, and since I figured it was nearing the ten year mark, I decided to go ahead and use some of it. As it turned out, I found that I barely made a dent in the bulk food, but the canned and dried things I'd bought to give it flavor, like canned meat and packages of stew mix, were not nearly enough. While I realize most people can't do a three month long evolution to determine the proper mix, I'd say try living off your long term storage for at least a couple of weeks and that will show you the holes in it. I originally planned mine based on the Mormon program you can get from them for free. It is a great program but I think you need to tailor it to your individual eating habits, something I really didn't do previously when determining stocking levels. Food production in the states is way off and that's one area I would not leave until "later."

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

What a great idea, Jim, to live off food storage for 3 months! The fact that you have food left after that is fabulous! The canned meats are the things that I'm not sure I have enough of. And hubby is a meat and potatoes guy. I really need to figure out how long my food storage will last. Maybe I do need to do a few weeks of living off them. You know what my brain thinks, though? I think, 'My food storage will be gone then. I'll have to buy it all again!' I know that's a really ridiculous thought, though. Knowing what I have and having enough are the most important things regarding food storage. Thanks for the encouragement to try it!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Boy, that was quite a telling comment, wasn't it? Actually, our food storage would not be gone after 3 weeks (thankfully!), but I definitely think that our meat choices would be pretty thin, especially if we couldn't use our frozen foods. Right now I just rotate through the canned meats slowly to keep them up to date. Of course, I probably have enough tuna to last through the next century, but we'd be tired of that pretty quick! I feel challenged to do more. Thanks, Hermit!

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