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Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Bill of Rights Day!

Hello fellow Preppers and Illinoisians! This is Gen-IL Homesteader. I'm going to be posting here now. I'm working on a "Who Am I?" post to let you know all about me, but while I'm working on it, I wanted to direct you to another great blogpost.

Did you know that tomorrow, December 15th is Bill of Rights day? Neither did I! I had no idea there was such a day, but what a great kind of day to have! A day to remind ourselves of our God-given, Constitutionally-protected (though politically forgotten) rights! Take a took at Alan Caruba's blog where he gives a great mini-history lesson and reminder of the Bill of Rights. I thought it was a fabulous read!
http://factsnotfantasy.blogspot.com/2009/12/december-15-is-bill-of-rights-day.html. (I hope I'm doing this correctly--it's my first linking!:-)) Then check back in another day or two and let me introduce myself properly!!

Prep on!

Gen-IL Homesteader


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Guess I'll have to go easy on the spaces!!lol

American Prepper said...

Thanks for letting us know about Bill of rights day! Glad to have you aboard!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks, AP! It was quite a pleasant surprise to me!

mmpaints said...

Good to see you Gen, great post. I'm a big fan of Alan Caruba's too.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I found Alan through your blog,MM!! Thanks:)

Aloha2U said...

Aloha Gen! And welcome aboard. Thanks for the Bill of Rights Day info!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks Aloha2U! Glad to be here!

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