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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quote for Today

I love quotes (especially ones from our Founding Fathers), so I'll be sharing some of my favorites from time to time. Here's one I plan on stitching to hang on the wall. (Sorry, but I have no idea where I read it or who said it.)

Simplicity really is abundance in plain clothes.

I love that!! A simple life is one where you focus on what matters; you focus on a few things and do them well. The rest of the world may look at my tiny house, my old car, my thrift-store clothes and think 'Poor her'. But, that tiny house is a home rich in love. My old car was free, given to me after my father passed. My clothes fulfill their purpose in keeping me warm and clothed. I'm overly happy with my day-to-day life! And, I know there's a room in the basement filled with beautiful jars of security. All of that, to me, is true abundance!

Prep on!
Gen-IL Homesteader


Anonymous said...

Great quote! And it's great to have you blogging here @ Illinois! Keep up the good work!!!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks Matt! I appreciate that and all your help here!

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