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Friday, February 26, 2010

Reasons to prep, Red-light cameras, and A few good laughs

Hi everyone! I wanted to give you a few links to some important info today and then I've got some great clips to make you feel good!

First, under the heading of 'Why you should grow your own food', is this article entitled 'Bribes Let Tomato Vendor Sell Tainted Food'. Yeah, just what's in that jar of tomatoes you buy in the store? I guess if you know the right people, you can actually sell your tomatoes with high mold counts. Hmmmm.

Second, let's not forget there still are drought conditions in California, and much food will probably be lost due to the cold weather in Florida. You know, American farmers are extremely efficient and good at what they do. A very small amount of people produce incredible amounts of food, enough to feed this country (even with the amount of food that get tossed daily) and ship boatloads to other countries. I don't see us starving anytime soon but there could be less food out there. Maybe some businesses will relax their 'throw away old produce/bakery item' rules. Maybe we'll learn to use every piece of food we have. As more people are becoming aware of the need to prep, more food will be scooped up and stored. We definitely need to keep prepping now. And again, growing your own food is one way to ensure that you will have food when you need it.

This doesn't necessarily have to do with prepping, but it has to do with living in Illinois. Many cities have installed red-light cameras which will issue a $100 ticket if the camera takes your picture and you're a teensy bit past the white line. It's an absolutely ridiculous idea, and it's way too big brother-ish. Well, a bill has been introduced in the IL Senate, bill SB2466, which will eliminate those red-light cameras if passed. (Woo-Hoo!) We need everyone to call the members of the Transportation Committee and tell them you want them to support SB2466. Their names can be found here. Click on their name to get their phone number. I did this today and it took less than 10 minutes. At least 2 towns near me have these, and I would love to see them gone. Even if the lights are not near you, could you please make the phone calls? We don't need this bad habit to continue to any other towns.

Now......After all that seriousness, I want to share some joy with you!!!!! Here is a link to the most delightful video! It's a couple married 62 years, hubby turning 90 this year. They walk into the Mayo Clinic and see a piano and start playing. It is so fun and delightful I dare you not to smile and laugh and bop along!! (Note: while linking, it looked like the video might not be working. I really hope not. I'm gonna leave the link here in case it starts working again.)

Another video is one I got a long time ago from my sister. I leave it on my email so I can watch it when I need to laugh. It's a couple news people getting a great laugh at a model on the catwalk. The news guys' reaction is hilarious! Enjoy!

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader


Mechanic in Illinois said...

I don't have any of those evil cameras where I Live but I'll be calling on Monday. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this bill is to prevent the municipalities from issuing tickets when you turn right on red at a camera-enforced intersection, not elimination of cameras. And since it's sponsored by spineless Dillard, I'm sure it will be modified and compromised until it actually INCREASES the fines. The only proper response remains for citizens to damage or destroy red light cameras whenever they can. They're unconstitutional, intrusive, and if we don't start doing something about them, they will be at EVERY corner in the near future.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks, Mechanic! They are absolutely awful. So many people I know have gotten tickets. The word on the street is that the city gets $20 and the camera company get $80. Hello!!!! You're taxing your citizens to make some camera company rich? It's so insulting. I try to avoid the intersections where the cameras are, if at all possible, but sometimes we have no choice. Thanks for making calls! I really appreciate it!

upinak said...

Gen have you noticed seed shortages as well? We are finally getting some seeds up here and the varieties I love to get are NOT being issued. ACK!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Anonymous, I hadn't heard that about the cameras. So, what would be the point of leaving the cameras and not issuing tickets? (That's the questions, eh? Leaves some obvious answers.) They are totally unconstitutional as well as they're just plain RUDE!! Yes, I agree that if they're not gone, we'll be spied upon on every corner like those in G.B.

Upinak, I have not noticed seed shortages here. In fact, I sent a few seeds to MMPaints because I had them here, but she couldn't find them where she's from. Anything specific that you're looking for? Maybe I can find it. I did buy lots of extra, though, in case there are shortages here next year.

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