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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That Delicate Issue

Our pear tree in bloom!

Hi everyone! Last week, hubby and I visited his folks and other family in MS. We had great weather and great fellowship! I realized something while we were there, though: my colon does not particularly care for it when I'm in a situation outside my normal routine!! (Yes, we're going to go there!!) :) And, what types of situations are we preppers prepping for??? Situations outside our normal routine!!! Well, we definitely need to make sure that when we're prepping we don't forget our colon!

Vacation is like an emergency situation because you'll probably be eating different foods (are those fresh veggies going to be available?), you might be eating at different times, your exercise schedule will probably be off (if there's rioting outside you probably won't be getting out for your normal walk). Plus, plain, old stress really affects people's colons! (If you're not sure of this, just promise to do something you don't normally do like singing on stage! See how your colons likes that!!) To help your colon working as normally as possible during an emergency, I suggest the following ideas......

  1. Make sure you have plenty of dehydrated or canned (or frozen if you can keep the freezer going) fruits and veggies on hand. Also, high-fiber, high-nutrition food like wheat berries (with a non-electric grinder), whole wheat flour, and oats are great foods to store in bulk.

  2. To help keep things moving: Keep acidophilus on hand. Also, psyllium husk or another fiber supplement which you add to drinks would be helpful.

  3. To stop a nervous colon: Pepto-Bismol, in liquid or tablet form, should definitely be in your medical supplies. We like papaya tablets for nervous or gas-y stomach. (Find in the vitamin aisle.)

  4. If you are in an emergency situation, try to keep your routine as normal as possible. Be sure to eat those fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Exercise, even if it's just jogging in place or jumping jacks. Get plenty of sleep. Relax!

On our vacation, I made sure to go buy some oatmeal and fresh fruit, and take extra veggies when they were available. I also made sure to take a walk whenever I could. A happy colon is a happy person!! :)

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Help U Prep said...

Might I also suggest activated charcoal for loose stools? It is safer than pepto and also is good to have on hand for illness. A few fleets or glycerin suppositories would not be bad idea either, if you want to get real. And MOM (milk of mag) is also a necessary item for anyone. Acts as an antacid as well as getting you moving if need be, just use the right dose and follow with water.
Hoping it all turns out good in the end~ :)

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hahaha! (to your end comment!) You know, I've never used charcoal. Didn't know it was good for this kind of stuff. Yes, suppositories would be good to have on hand, too! I've never used antacids, so I forgot about mentioning them. Good ideas, though! Thanks, HUP

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