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Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Meds

Hi everyone! I was talking with a friend yesterday who needs a prescription medication. When Obama came in office and was talking about health care reform, he got a bit scared for what that meant for the medical supply. He takes the type of med where you 'take it when you need it', not a prescribed '1-pill a day' sort of thing. He said that about a year ago he started saying he used more than he did so that he could stockpile some. He now has a year's worth saved. (He's watching the expiration dates.) He doesn't take more than he needs, he only said he did so that he had a nice supply.

Also a year ago, I was able to get my medication 3-months at a time. I usually am able to order the refills about half-way through the 3-months, so at any given time I usually have about 4 months of my meds on hand. My doctor had to give approval for the 3-month supply versus monthly supply. I figure if there was an emergency of some sort, I could ration the meds and make them last longer than what they would in normal circumstances!

I'd encourage you, if you're on prescription meds, to talk to you doctor and see if he can give you a prescription for a few months at a time so that you have some meds stocked up at home. It'll be a little more security in the midst of a questionable future!

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