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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Food For Sure!!!

Hi everyone! Don't those berries look YUMMY??!! I picked them yesterday out of my own backyard! (Actually, I'd eaten a few and given a few 'imperfect' ones to the chickens.) I picked a bowl the day before that, and another bowl 2 days before that! In another week or so I'll be picking big bowls full. (I've picked 20 cups at a time before out of my little 8x8 bed!)
Strawberries are delicious (so juicy!) and nutritious (as are most berries) and SOOOO easy to grow at home. You can put a few plant in a raised bed or even in a bucket as MMPaints has done. Give them a dose of compost every year, pull the weeds, and you'll be blessed with delicious berries! Really, you won't be sorry! And if the stores aren't carrying strawberries, or if inflation makes the prices go through the roof, you won't have to worry because you'll be enjoying them for free!! Food Security!!
Just tonight hubby and I finished the last of last year's frozen broccoli! Can you believe that?? From a packet of seeds (not even a whole packet)--5 plants--I had enough broccoli to last us almost a year!! Green beans that I canned from last year's garden will last at least another year or so, and I hope to be putting more up from this year's crop. I still have jams, jellies, juice, and many other canned and dehydrated fruits and veggies from last year's crop.
I say all this to remind you that 1)you have to eat, 2)food you grow from tiny, inexpensive seed packets can reward you with oodles of food, 3)if you plant something in your backyard and tend to it, you're almost guaranteed to have food for sure!!
In closing, I want to recommend a great post from Humblewife at the NM Preppers Network. She woke up to an open--and defrosting--freezer recently and tells exactly how she handled it to avoid losing any of the food! It was a great post!
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