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Monday, June 28, 2010

A Silly Thing To Miss

Hi everyone! Those of you who have gardens going are, like me, busy, busy, busy right now!!! We're eating peas and fruits, and ripe tomatoes should be in the not-too-distant future! I hope everyone has been okay with the crazy IL weather we've experienced lately! Lots of rain and thunderstorms and overall craziness!!

So, I was mowing the other day and a thought crossed my mind. I'm really going to miss a neatly mowed lawn if/when tshtf! Now, I'm not one of those yuppy types who has to have a perfect lawn. I've probably got more 'weeds' than 'grass' to be sure! But, I LOVE when the lawn is freshly mowed!! So, if there's a shtf scenario and gas is unavailable, too expensive, or too precious to waste on the rider mower, I'll be quite sad. A silly thing to miss, I know.

Of course, home-heating gas, electric, and indoor plumbing will be missed. Those are to be expected. But, there are those little things in our everyday life that we probably take for granted that we'll miss almost as much as the electric and indoor plumbing. For me, it's a mowed lawn!! How about you? What'll you miss?

p.s. If I had a smaller yard, I'd buy one of those non-electric, non-gas push mowers. But, alas, with the lawn we have, it'd take all day to do it. And, I'm thinking I'll be pretty busy with basic survival if tshtf!!

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