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Friday, July 2, 2010

Waste Not, Want Not and Illinois' Unbelievable Budget

Hi everyone!! In April, I printed off this recipe for Pea Hull Jelly from Phelan at the Kansas Preppers Network. I made it this morning after shelling and freezing some peas from the garden. I know, it sounds a bit.....strange, but I love something different that uses a product you normally wouldn't think of using. Well, I have to say that the house smelled interesting while cooking. My brain expects to smell something sweet when I'm cooking jelly! So, smelling cooked peas was a bit strange. But, adding 5 cups of sugar to anything makes it taste okay!!! I can't describe exactly what the jelly tasted like.....it just tastes sweet!! Another great prep on the shelf and it was all from something that normally gets thrown away!! If you've got peas growing in your garden this year, why don't you check out the recipe and give it a try!!

Phelan titled the post, Waste Not, Want Not. To continue that theme, I am going to give the leftover cooled pea hull water to my houseplants, and the cooked pea hulls will go to the chickens for a snack. Win, win, win!!!

While I was cooking, I got thinking about that title: Waste Not, Want Not. Does anyone say that anymore? Are parents still teaching their children that little pearl of wisdom? I know I heard it growing up and I told it to my kids. It's so simple!! Don't waste what you have, and you won't be wanting for more! If you have something valuable that can be useful and 'profitable' to you, don't toss it--use it!! If you toss it, you're really throwing out money because you're going to have to take money to replace it! (Obviously, this does not apply to 'hoarding', but to saving and using useful things.) For instance, I could go to the store and buy strawberries to make jam. But, I had pea hulls, which were free, and made a perfectly good and tasty jelly! Now the money that would have bought the strawberries can be saved or used for some other need. (Need preps?) I know that in this time of over-consumption, waste not want not seems to be an old-fashioned, out-of-date, boring idea to follow. Well, forget what the world thinks about it! It's a wise way to live and is profitable, in more ways than one, for those who practice it. Thanks, Phelan, for the inspiration!
So, did you hear about the IL budget? Gov. Quinn passed the budget on June 30th. Analysts believe that the state will be 13 billions dollars in debt by the end of the year!!!!!! (I'm sorry, can that even be called a 'budget'?) Of course, they already know how they're going to deal with the budget shortfall: MORE BORROWING AND NOT PAYING SOME BILLS!!! That's right, folks! I just had to laugh when I heard the news person say that. I mean, how many families could live that way?? How many folks would announce to the bank where they have their car loan that they were not going to pay their bill because they don't have money?? Um, I think that would probably land that family in court, without a car, and in alot of trouble!!! And yet, it is our government's PLAN!! Geez. I just don't get it. For years people have said that our government's money problems could be fixed if they'd allow some of us stay-at-home moms, who have lived without alot of money, to get in office and run things. We know how to stretch a dollar 10 ways and still get the bills paid!! My advice: vote 'em out!!!
Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Aloha2U said...

Excellent post as always Gen!
Sounds interesting to try a vege type jelly, you could probably try it with carrots too, that sounds yum as well.

Unbelieveable but not surprising all these politicians come from the same evasive vines that keep suffocating it's people and getting away with murder, they all really need to be locked up for good!

I'm hell bent for voting em' all out but not to sure how the rest of the peeps would fare. Out here we got people that are comfortable with who ever is in the senate. The japanese people have a tendency to vote for japanese even though they are screw ups. People here tend to vote the same people in because they've been in for years, which to me is downright stupidity to say the least.

And yes, quite a few of them vote for their own race versus who can get the job done right. A great majority of the Hawaii population voted for O'bucket of bail outs just because he was from here I'm so positive about this one. When in fact he is not from here, go figure.

I don't even want to go any further but to only say that Hawaii's FY 2010 budget was in deficit before the fiscal year began. It's so obvious that an economic collapse is emminent and will shortly arrive.

Not to sure when the "revolution" will kick in but everyone needs to be onboard for this to happen and with a great deal of people still sleeping those will be the ones left with their pants down not knowing what's happening-it's gonna be fast.

You can check out this site regarding Hawaii's state budget.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey Aloha!! I love the 'O'bucket of bail outs'!! Haven't heard that yet!! Yes, so many folks vote by their race or by who's been there the longest, who's the most popular, who talks the smoothest! They base their votes on things that don't matter. And then, of course, there's the MSM telling them only what they want them to know, so they're going off misinformation to begin with! It really is quite a crock!

THe numbers in the HI budget are staggering, aren't they? Well, at least you only faced a 1.2 billion shortfall, not a 13 billion like IL!!! (Isn't it ridiculous that we can even talk about such huge sums of money like it's nothing!!) It looks like some of your taxes are going up and your deductions are going down. Ugh. How long can they keep doing that?? Yes, I agree that the collapse is emminent. We were talking with friends about it last night (well, early this am!) and they were wanting to know WHEN!! We said, we don't know when but definitely SOON!! Everybody's is running out of money and fast! Ugh! Stay safe there, Aloha! God bless!!

Aloha2U said...

Staggering numbers to say the least. As far as we know that's what they say and print but I bet it's far worse than what they conclude. It's crazy how large sums of money can be in deficit and no one is being arrested or held accountable by this time yesteryear. "Ugh" is an understatement and they'll keep doing it like business as usual because the people of Hawaii, or shall I say a great deal of them are idiots. People here have a tendency to go with the flow.

I tell you one thing, "the flow" is gonna come to a complete halt in fact majority of the peeps I work with are clueless to what's going on in the world let alone in our nation and the state of Hawaii. This indicates scary times coming along like a freight train for everyone here.

But what I do know is that there are a number of peeps here that are aware of things and what's happening. I would say they are speckled across the state here. Majority of em' are LDS members HALLELUYA! At least somebody is.

Yep, If I realize that my money no longer goes a long way anymore how is it that no one else see's this? I don't know, I just shake my head everyday and think, peeps you best be prepping yesterday and not now.

LOL, the "O'bucket of bail outs'" bit, I'm not sure where I got that from. I may have made that up a while ago while grocery shopping and staring at a box of Lucky Charms having a discussion w/ the hub's about politics. It's the part Irish in me I suppose lol.

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