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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prepping Lessons From A Camping Trip

(A picture overlooking Nymph Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Beautiful!)
Hi everyone! So, the big camping trip that hubby and I just took revealed a few prepping hints to us. I wanted to share them with you. Maybe they'll help you, too!!

  1. I can wash a load of dishes with only 1/2 gallon of water! That's a good thing to know if I ever have to ration water.

  2. Water is precious!!! When you're tent camping, and you like remote campsites like we do, you often end up in campgrounds with no available water. When it's scarce, you're very careful with it and cherish it more. I'm convinced that I need to have even more water on hand at home than what I originally had. Running out of water is a scary thought!

  3. Two cans of beef stew feed hubby and I for one meal. Okay, you might think that sounds silly, but I actually wasn't sure how many cans it would take to feed us. Now I know!! And now I know how many cans I need to have stored!!

  4. One can of canned fruit will feed hubby and I. (Same concept as #3.)

  5. If I'm near a breaking point--feeling like I can't cook one more meal on a camp cookstove and wash dishes with water I'd heated--hubby will come through and pick up the slack! It's a good thing to know that your partner is your helper!

  6. While I've always 'known' it, camping always confirms it: I know that I don't need lots of stuff to be happy. I'm very happy with the simple life that I live and I don't need a whole lot more than that!

Somehow I came back from our camping trip even more revved up to prep than when I left. I think it's because it's fall, the garden is winding down, and apples are for sale at all the farms now. Don't stop your canning just yet! Glean what's left in your garden and put it up. If you don't grow apples at home, buy some from a nearby farmer and put them up. Applesauce, apple butter, strawberry-applesauce (I have this recipe if you'd like it! Yum!), dried apple slices, cinnamon-spiced dried apple rings, apple pie filling.......that list is just a sampling of all the ways that you can put up apples in your pantry! They're a great food storage item!

We're nearing the end of what the government called Preparedness Month. I hope you took advantage of it and gave your food storage a check-up, and if it was needed, a face lift! Don't slack! Try to get it in order before we go in to the busy 'hibernation' and holiday seasons! Food storage really comes in handy then.

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader
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Anonymous said...

Great post Gen! The scenery is beautiful. I can see how you would feel refreshed. I have not got the blog up and running yet. I have a hard time with the Ohio blog. lol

I am super busy with the kids and everyday life things that come up. I am finding myself wanting to go deeper into prayer, reading and learning. That's where my pull is right now more than anything. So the blog and extra's will be waiting. Glad you're back :)

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

I totally understand. Definitely let me know when it's up, though! Enjoy this wonderful season ahead of us! I'm guessing you've jumped into school about now, eh? I remember that the start of a new school year was always very exciting! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping in, Shelly!

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