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Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Did You Do To Prep This Week? and November Challenge

Hi everyone!! It's been a while since we've asked the question, "What did you do to prep this week?" Since I've been doing alot of prepping stuff lately, that's all that is on my mind this morning. I feel like the time that we have to prep is running short.......do you feel it? Our cities are broke, our states are broke, the fed gov is broke, way too many households are broke! It's like a house of cards that is about to tumble. We're on a ride that we can't get off of, no matter how hard we try. The only thing we can do is prepare for the crash. It's coming, folks. We're entering the holiday season, which is the most delightful time of year! But, we CANNOT forget about our preps.

My November challenge for you is to take stock of your baking items. November and December always see great sales on flour, sugar, spices, and other baking items. Check your stock, see what is lacking, and use the upcoming holidays sales to stock up on whatever you need.

As far as what I've done to prep this week......I pulled all the carrots from the garden. WOW!! What a harvest! I've never grown so many huge carrots in my life! Yesterday my sister came and we scrubbed, peeled, cut and canned all of the big ones that we could. The smaller ones are left and will be eaten raw. I also dehydrated a few pounds of apples, and froze some apples for use in apple crisp (thinking ahead to deserts)!

I'm getting together with my sister and our 2 closest girlfriends to do a prepping check-up at each gal's house. We are planning to do one house next week. We'll take stock of what they have, figure out what their strengths and weakness are in their preps, and help them figure out what the next step is. I'm VERY excited!! I'll come back next week and let you know how it goes!
Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Anonymous said...

What did I do to prep this week? I secured alternate shelter, topped off gas and containers (it is up to $3/gal. as of this writing). Dehydrated tomatoes, zuchinni, peppers, onions and getting a watch dog tomorrow. Lots more stuff, but don't want to write ya a book. That is so cool you have friends and family to share prepping with. I wish I lived closer. I'll look forward to hearing about the gaps and what others are storing and doing to see where I can fill in mine. Make prepping high priority as time is short.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

WOW, SHELLY!! You did ALOT!! And all that dehydrating?? Super!!!! Did you get the travel camper that you were thinking about getting? I'm amazed that you had time for more than all that you wrote.....you make me look like I didn't do ANYTHING!! Yes, it would be great if we lived closer, wouldn't it? Take care, Shelly!!

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