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Thursday, December 9, 2010

12 Days of Prepper Christmas-Day 10

In a past year, Matt from KY Preppers did a series of posts entitled 12 Days of Prepper Christmas. My thanks to Matt and APN for allowing me to use the title for my own series of posts. I hope that you find something to make your own Christmas more fun, frugal, and wonderful!!

Hi everyone!! If you've noticed, some gift ideas in this series are presents that a prepper can give to someone else, while some gifts are things that only a preppers could love!! Today's gift idea falls under the last category. It's a cast iron dutch oven! These are great for cooking outside over and open fire. I have one and I absolutely love it! It is used now for pleasure (and practice) and it is one of my potential shtf cooking alternatives. Here is a link to the Lodge dutch oven sale page, but I'm sure you can find these locally at any hunting/camping/fishing store.

Since, the entire dutch oven gets hot while cooking outdoors, it would be great to include a thick pair of oven mitts. You could also add a lid lifter and a dutch oven cookbook if you wanted to.

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