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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What have you done???

Hi everyone!! It's the end of January. January is the month where many people make resolutions or goals for the coming year. Did you make any prepping goals this year? And what have you done towards accomplishing those goals?? Even if all you did was go to the library and check out a book that relates to some skill you want to learn, then you've made a start at accomplishing that goal. Good for you!!

Well, I did some canning and dehydrating this month. I canned meatballs in tomato sauce. I also canned a few jars of sloppy joes/barbecue. Our stash of dried apples was getting low, so when my sister found some on clearance I dehydrated them. I also sat down to try and learn about how to use the Aladdin oil lamp that hubby got me for Christmas. I accomplished a life goal (that has nothing to do with prepping) of reading through all 6 Jane Austen novels. (I read the last book this month!)

And, of course, this year's garden plans are starting to brew in the back of my mind. February is the month that I've set aside as 'get ready for the garden' month. It's when I'll figure out what veggies we'll plant and how much of each. I'll figure out the dates to start seeds indoors. I'll figure out what new foods need to be canned from what we grow, and how much we'll need. When you're trying to grow enough food to supply your family for a year, there's alot of planning that goes into the garden before you even pick up a seed. But, the rewards are immense!!

So, the new pantry shelves that hubby was building are finished!!! We've loaded them with what's left of our home-canned foods and they look FABULOUS!! I'll post a pic in the near future!

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