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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So glad I'm not one of them....

Hi everyone! How are you feeling today? Did you see those news reports yesterday showing people at the big box stores buying shovels and snow blowers before the 'Blizzard of 11'? (Hello. You live in the Midwest. This isn't our first snowstorm! You don't have a shovel yet????) Then there were crazy lines at the grocery store my daughter works at. Hubby saw long lines at the gas stations on his way home from work last night.

If those folks waiting in line at the grocery store were already living a life of preparedness, they wouldn't have had to run out in a panic before a blizzard hit. They could sit in the comfort of their own home, warm and relaxed, instead of fighting crowds for a few days food. (Obviously, gas for your car is something that's hard to prep for. When it's your normal day to fill up, you've got to fill up!) I ran out for milk (it was my normal day to buy), but even if I hadn't I would just open a box of instant milk or a can of evaporated milk and we'd be fine.

There's such peace that comes with preparedness, isn't there? I hope you're feeling that peace. I hope you're glad that you're not one of those who got caught unprepared! (If you are one of those caught unprepared, you can be prepared for the next one!!)

Prep On (and stay warm)!!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Roxie said...

Yup...in peace here too. Obviously, I still have electricity or else I wouldn't be posting in the interwebz, but even if/when the power goes out, I am still good. I took heed at the first whisper of a bad storm and did those last minute purchases while other folks were saying, "get ready for what?" I have some things in the oven baking right now for later use. Smells good in the house.

Jane said...

You are so right! It's feels so good to be prepared. I am working on that, and am doing ok. Thanks for sharing. Blessings jane

Jane said...

You are so right! It's feels so good to be prepared. I am working on that, and am doing ok. Thanks for sharing. Blessings jane

Anonymous said...

The snow shovel thing always baffled me. On the news, they were saying generators were sold out, every loaf of bread was gone and all burger was gone. The stores shelves they showed were stripped clean. Yes, peace in preparedness. Not only do you not join the crowds, unnecessary money is not being spent on panic buying.

Anonymous said...

I topped off the gas on the truck - 6 gallons, filled up the gas cans for the Snow Blower and Generator - 7 gallons. That gave me 12.5 gallons in cans and all the machines with full tanks and 42 gallon sin the vehicles. I picked up one gallon of milk a fresh head of lettuce. We have enough food and supplies for at least 6 months for the 10 people in my family who all live within 2 blks of each other + plus whatever supplies they have. I watched the neighbors shovel the 19" of snow with THE worn out snow shovel that broke 1/4 of the way through the clean-up. They were happy to tell me they got their new "painting" for only $12000 at an auction and could I blow the rest of their snow for them. He's 35 year old BANKER, has two healthy kids and a wife, I'm 62 with a wife with a bad back. I said "if I have time whenI'm done with my snow". 7 1/2 hours later after I finished cleaning up my snow, the doorbell rang... Did I have any milk and coffee I could spare???? WTF

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for stopping in! I'm glad that all of you were prepared and peaceful! Such a difference, isn't it? So much better than running around like a chicken with it's head cut off at the first sign of danger!! (Shelly, haven't 'seen' you in a while....Howdy!!)

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