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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hi everyone!! It's spring! It's April! Can you believe it? Where is this year going??? Is it flying by for you as quickly as it is for me?? Well, we've been busy around here lately with garden 'activities'. As you know, the food from the garden comprises the biggest part of our preps every year. A very large amount of the food we eat comes from what we grow. It's a big job, and it takes alot of time and work. I have seedlings started and growing beautifully. This week we strung string for the peas to grow on. We got the garden planned out and marked. The busy season is about to begin, but there's such excitement in it! We're hoping for good weather in the next week to allow us to get peas and carrots in the ground. Are you growing something this year? I sure hope you are! Food grown at home is fresher, less expensive than store-bought, and most of all, it's a bit of self-sufficiency. It's something that you can do for yourself to play a role in your own survival! It is survival-ism at its most basic! So, on yesterday's local news, they mentioned more price increases. Apparently, Hershey's has announced that their prices will be going up in 2 months. (BUY YOUR CHOCOLATE STASH NOW!!!) Also, Walmart has announced that they are raising prices. These companies announcing price increases are caught between a rock and a hard place. They have increased costs so they need to increase prices. But they know they risk losing business from folks who can't pay increased prices. The decision to raise prices is not an easy one. You can bet that, when a major company announces price increases, they've spent much time in consideration and number crunching. To me, it's always a sign that things are really getting bad when million (or billion) dollar companies start passing the buck and risking sales. (One more reason to grow your own food. Hmmmm. Can I grow cocoa beans in IL??????) Prep On! Gen-IL Homesteader ------------------------------------------ Join the APN Forum at www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.net Visit the Illinois Forum at www.IllinoisPreppersNetwork.net

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