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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where To Start

Sometimes we all feel like we've hit a roadblock when we're working on a project. I have times like this too. For instance, some people can't figure out how to convince others around them that being prepared is a good idea. Some men can't get their wives onboard with the idea of being prepared and vice versa. How do we get past a block like that? That could be a tough one.

I look at prepping and being prepared like an insurance policy. Everyone has to have car insurance, property insurance, health insurance is a pretty good idea and folks like me even occasionally have crop insurance. Those things make pretty good sense. So why is it so hard for people to think about freedom insurance in the same manner? After all, being emergency prepared is nothing more than a little bit of freedom insurance. Freedom from danger, freedom from being displaced by having to leave your home and belongings for a shelter to ride out a storm etc. Freedom from being dependant others for your well being.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of yourself in times of trouble, nothing wrong with actually doing it either. When things like what we had in southern Illinois this past spring (inland hurricane) or those winter ice storms that frequently knock power lines down and make the roads impassible for days at a time, would you rather hoof yourself down to the school gym or church basement and live on a cot alongside 100 or more other unprepared people or would you like to stay in your home and cook for your family? Your dedication to being prepared is all up to you. Even if you choose to simply have enough supplies to make it thru just a week long ice storm, when that storm hits, you will be glad you did!

For me, I am constantly reminded of how glad I am that I live on my farm. By growing what I eat I always have something to put on the table. Even when we're unemployed, the power goes out, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, fires, whatever comes our way, I've got some clean water to drink and a full belly. That is something to be happy about! Being emergency prepared can be as simple as having a case or 2 of water put up in a closet along with a box or 2 of canned goods. Your level of preparedness is always up to you.

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