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Monday, August 29, 2011


Hey Illinois! I read something this morning that angered me but it does prove a point.

Apparently, some deranged people decided to punish one of their 10 yr old twins by denying him water for 5 days. The child died of dehydration. I hope the judge imposes that same punishment on them. But, this story is proof of why water is so very vital to our survival. We need it, have to have it and after just 3 days, we are in serious trouble and headed for the ever after. It is of the utmost importance that as a prepper, you have a clean water source available at all times. That could consist of bottled water stocked up or a well with a proper filter system at the ready. The first thing to be gone off the store shelves for the huge non disaster called hurricane Irene was bottled water. People all over the east coast who do not have the ability to think ahead in even the smallest ways all flocked to their local grocery stores and walmarts to wipe out the bottled water. So, forget about scrounging bottled water anywhere after any type of disaster, it will be all gone because the sheeple are incapable of thinking ahead. As a prepper, it is part of your agenda to have the necessities stocked up already.

Maybe it's time to double the water you have in storage, just in case.......

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1 comment:

Trick James said...

Just a thought, I live in rural Nebraska and if I thought about it I could write down the name of 100 plus people I know that have their own water well system. My suggestion is get to know some country folks and make some arrangement to get water from them in an emergency. I have a system that works along side of a conventional submersible pump that can be hand pumped or switched to a 12 volt motor that can be powered by a battery or a solar panel. Most rural folks around here have a way to power their well even if the grid goes down. Would I be open to letting someone have water, you bet, they just need to ask.

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