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Friday, December 25, 2009

Prepper Christmas Gifts

I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful Christmas day with those you love. I hope it was peaceful. I'm thankful we had heat and electricity, when so many were without due to storms. Let's not forget that those types of emergencies could happen at any time to any one of us, and that is why we prep.

I was wondering if anyone gave or received any 'prepper' gifts for Christmas this year? Were you inspired by Kentucky Prepper's 12 Days of Prepper Christmas Gifts? Did you have friends or family who wanted prepping help, so you gave them prepper gifts?

We didn't give any prepper gifts to others this year, unless you want to count the candles that were given. (Emergency lighting, right?) But we did give ourselves some prepper gifts. For years, my favorite magazine has been Countryside and Small Stock Journal, and from their bookstore we bought two books: Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game (Would have come in handy when hubby got his first deer over Thanksgiving weekend. Thank God for youtube!), and Herbal Remedy Gardens. I'm really looking forward to all the info that those books will provide.

I also asked hubby for a subscription to another homesteading/prepping magazine called Backwoods Home. Along with that subscription we received a free book entitled Harvesting the Wild, Gathering and Using Food From Nature. I asked for a new canning book by Jackie Clay entitled Growing and Canning Your Own Food (a girl can't have too many canning books/cookbooks, can she?) and with that order we received another free book entitled Starting Over, Chronicles of a Self-Reliant Woman. So, our prepping library grew this Christmas! I'm ready for some good reading, learning, and inspiration in the new year. Remember that if all of your prepper info is on the computer, it will be no good to you if the electricity is out. Print those important pages out, or buy books that have the info you need.

Lastly, hubby got me a surprise gift: a 1925 Victrola, along with a few old records. He laughed and said that it's emergency music!! Gotta love it! We enjoyed listening to some old, fuzzy-sounding waltzes and polkas on it. What a great time!

I'd love to hear about any prepper gifts you gave/received.
Prep on!
Gen--IL Homesteader


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh my! I have NO idea why learning is highlighted and linked to something! I didn't do that! Please ignore the link! Still learning!

Anonymous said...

keychain multitool (w/ flashlight!)
similac "ready right now" bottles of formula

Camo bug-out-bag :)
Mini survial kit in a polycarb bottle

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks anonymous! Great gifts to give and get, especially the bug-out-bag! Good for you!

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