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Monday, January 25, 2010

Election Info and a Good Movie

Hi all! I wanted to let you know about a great website that lists ALL of the people running for office in Illinois. This website even has links to the candidates' websites. They show everyone from governor on down to congressman, divided by districts. It's a great resource if you're still trying to figure out who to vote for (like me!). Did you know that we have a Constitution party candidate running for governor? I was very excited to find that out! I'm so tired of the stranglehold that the democrat and republican party have on the election process.

I have to mention something that really irks me! Have you heard someone say that they won't vote for a 3rd party candidate because it will be a vote for one or another of the main contenders (the one they don't want in)? So, they vote for someone they don't really want because he's the lesser of the 2 evils. You know, I'm pretty sure it was a democrat or republican who started that ridiculous way of thinking! What better way to keep us voting for someone we would never in good conscience vote for at any other time. That way of thinking will certainly keep us voting for 'politics as usual' and keep us bogged down with crappy leaders. So, either way the 'republicrats' win! Well, not here. Not now. I've decided I'm going to vote for the person who I want to win, not the person I think will be the better of the 2 cockroaches who are out in front. I would encourage you to vote your conscience, vote for the best person for the job. The best person out of the whole lot, not just out in front. If we all did this, maybe we'd eventually have beeter leaders who are concerned about our liberty. End of rant!

I'm rewatching a great movie right now. It's called The Cinderella Man. It's based on the true story of boxer Jim Braddock who lived during the depression. He became rich and famous before the depression, but lost it all like so many others. Through it all though, he maintains his dignity and honor, and remembers that his family is the most important thing he possesses. It's a beautiful, uplifting story that I'd highly recommend. The movie also shows a glimpse of what life was like during the great depression, something that may be coming (or has already come?) to our country. Remember that the movie contains boxing scenes, and may not be appropriate for all children.

Prep on!
Gen-IL Homesteader


Help U Prep said...

I think I'll have to rent that movie, thanks for the info. We like to rent good movies for some R&R on the weekends.
And I am with you on voting. I quit voting the lesser of two evils many years ago.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

HUP, there is some language in the movie, as well. I forgot to mention that. Normal movie language.
You're smarter than me if you stopped voting the lesser of 2 evils years ago. I kept believing the stupid lie that a vote for a 3rd party was a vote for the (fill in the blank) party. Well, I'm tired of it and I'm not going to do it anymore! Have a great day, HUP!

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