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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Election Preparedness

Hi all! I've been a bit under the weather,and while I've been sitting here I've been able to catch up on some reading. An article by John Silveira in Backwoods Home Magazine got me thinking about the elections coming upon us here in IL. Now is the time to be researching who we should vote for. There are lots of candidates out there, but the majority of them are not concerned about our freedom or about the Constitution.

"What's the difference between losing our rights to our own politicians and losing them to a foreign invader?" "For our politicians, we roll over. If a foreign invader tried to take them, we'd fight back," says Silveira.

Well folks, until the revolution happens (it's coming, don't you know?), the voting box is our one chance to be heard. Have your senators and representatives been honoring the Constitution? Or have they been giving in to special interests? I know for a fact that our IL Senators have not been honoring the Constitution. It's time for us to encourage these thieves of American freedom to find new jobs! It's time to vote them out of office! Find out if any friends of liberty are running in your district. And if so, tell others about them, and then let them know you support them by giving them your vote.

Otherwise, as John says, we should change the Constitution to say that we don't want free speech, or the right to bear arms, and we DO want the police to be able to make random searches or to eavesdrop on our phone calls without warrants. I mean, if they're going to ignore the Constitution and we're going to let them, then let's just change it so it's not a lie!

So, I have a stack of political ads sitting here, and I'm going through them to figure out what these folks stand for. I encourage you to put time into who you vote for this year. We need good, Constitutional folks in office if we have any hope of restoring freedom. At least we can say we tried!

Prep on!
Gen--IL Homesteader


Help U Prep said...

Don't ya just love John? Backwoods is a great mag!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Yes! I just got a subscription to the magazine for my birthday. I'm really enjoying it!

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