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Friday, January 15, 2010

How long 'till folks go crazy?

I was half listening to the tv news this morning as they were talking about the situation in Haiti. I perked up when I heard the reporter say, "People are starting to panic and resort to desperate acts to feed their families". Folks, the earthquake just happened on Tuesday, and people are doing desperate things already!

Now, obviously, if there were any 'preppers' in the area hit by the earthquake, most of their preps are now buried, unfortunately. That's not a reason to avoid prepping, though. For the rest of us, we prep because people (ourselves included) do crazy things when they're hungry. Maybe for us the emergency will be snow or ice storms that keep roads closed so we can't get to the grocery store. Maybe we prep to prepare for job loss. Maybe we're prepping to avoid the rising cost of food. Whatever your reason, take that reporter's words to heart. In only three days, normal people have gone crazy for food!

Most of us haven't ever experienced true hunger. I know I tend to get cranky if I'm late getting dinner to the table. Imagine that feeling intensified by hours, days, weeks! People will do desperate things because their brain is literally dying for food! So, prep for yours, and your family's sanity. Prep to stay focused during an emergency. Prep to be able to help your family and close friends survive whatever comes your way. There are enough things to think about in any emergency. "What am I going to eat?" shouldn't be one of those things.

Prep on!
Gen-IL Homesteader


Kymber said...

Gen - you hit the nail on the head with this post!

"what am i going to eat" shouldn't be one of those things!

amen girl! awesome post!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks, Kymber!

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