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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food Storage Meals

The most important thing to remember about food storage is to store what you eat and eat what you store. We had a few meals that came right from our shelf food storage and I wanted to share them with you. (Well, the ideas anyway. The food is already gone!) I try to make meals occasionally that come straight from the shelf, no freezer required. A good thing to do just in case the electric is down and the freezer goes with it! (Sorry the pics showed up in funny places!)

First, I took a can of Aldi roast beef, warmed it over some egg noodles, and had a veggie on the side In this case it was pinto beans, which I realize is technically not a veggie, but we like to eat them that way! One can of beef was enough for hubby and I and filled him up, which is always my main concern. This meal only required a bit of water to cook the noodles. Simple, easy, tasty, and all stored on the shelves!

The next meal is the classic favorite comfort food, macaroni. Now honestly, I LOVE boxed macaroni and cheese made with that tacky packet of dried cheese! But, I love to have a good homemade mac 'n cheese as well. My recipe for simple food storage mac 'n cheese is to cook 2 cups macaroni for 4 minutes. Drain. Cut 1/4 lb. Velveeta (or more if desired) into chunks. Place macaroni, Velveeta, and 1.5 tbsps butter in glass baking dish. Pour enough milk (dried if using food storage) to about 1 inch below the level of the macaroni. Bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees, stirring once after 15 minutes. Salt to taste. Enjoy!

Prep on!
Gen--IL Homesteader


Anonymous said...

What a great idea to have some recipes just from the shelf!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks anonymous! Shelf meals are something I just don't normally make, but in the event of an emergency I will be for sure, so I like to 'practice' some!

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