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Friday, January 8, 2010

How did you add to your preps this week?

You know, for most of us prepping is a way of life. When I'm in a store I'm looking for sales on canned goods, I pick through the mark-down carts for dented cans or overripe fruit that can be brought home and dehydrated/canned/frozen. I watch for sales on items that would be useful or necessary in the event of an emergency.

I go to the grocery store once every two weeks. Before I go, I look through my pantry and freezer to take stock of what's needed. I know how many jars of certain items that I like to keep on my shelves. While we like to use fresh or frozen veggies, I always have canned on hand in case of an emergency. I use those cans every once in a while to keep my stock rotated. So, every shopping trip I'm rebuilding my supply from the few things I've using in the past two weeks. I also look for any great sales or mark-down items.

Remember that I said I was going to try to add significantly to our food preps for the month of January? This week I added to our preps by canning pinto, black, and kidney beans, and black-eyed peas. I also bottled 5 pounds of butter. I dehydrated a bunch of bananas, and 6 pounds of apples. I also bought a gallon of water to put back. Next week I'm hoping to can a few meals-in-a-jar.

We meant to stop at an out of the way gun shop while we were traveling to purchase some more ammo, but we completely forgot. Next time!

How did you add to your preps this week?

Prep on!
Gen-IL Homesteader


Aloha2U said...

Great post! So true, it's a good habit to get into by continuosly rebuilding your supplies. I find that it is so easy to let things go by the wayside and before you know it you're doing double duty in replacing your preps. I need to do more of dehydrating and actually set up a schedule for me to do it on a regular basis.

This week I did manage to find toothpaste, Crest the 3.5OZ size for $1.00ea at walmart. So I purchased quite a bit also picked up more TP and extra litter, I've been slacking in the toothpaste and litter department. Tomorrow I'll be restocking my canned pork & beans, there's a sale on them 2 for $1.00.

Anonymous said...

We haven't been able to do much this week because the snow and ice are so bad that travel on the roads is a bad idea. But we are snug and well supplied because we keep sufficient quantities of food and other supplies on hand. Without those, we might be one of those people in the ditch waiting for a tow truck right now.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hey, you found some good deals, Aloha. Can't ever have enough tooth paste, I believe. (Or tp. I don't want to be using newspaper when an emergency happens!) Hermit, good for you! Isn't it a great feeling knowing you can survive!!!! Stay warm down there. Grab another cup of coffee! :)

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