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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hey folks! Just a quickie tonight. I was talking to my aunt and uncle in Florida and they said that because of the freak freeze happening in Florida, orange prices have already jumped 7.5 percent. That's not a lot yet, but they're expecting another bout of freezing weather and there could be more damage to crops. If you love your citrus fruit and juices, it might be prudent to do a little stocking up on juice now while prices are still low....just in case!

Prep on!
Gen--IL Homesteader


Help U Prep said...

Great idea Gen, going shopping on Sat. and will get some extra oj.

Aloha2U said...

good advice Gen, I told the hubby that his oj is going to cost more very shortly and we best be stocking up on the frozen ones as well.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks for stopping by, you guys! I know so many folks love their glass of morning every day. Might as well get it now since we've got fair warning of a possible price increase!

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