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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Part II--How long 'till folks go crazy?

My mind wouldn't stop thinking after I wrote yesterday's post. So, you've prepped. You've got all this food. An emergency happens. You're prepared. But, then there's a knock on your door. Somebody else didn't prepare. They're hungry, they're desperate. And you can help. But, do you? Should you? If so, how much? How often? Where? These are huge questions that require much thought and prayer. And the answers will be different for all of us.

It was Ernie over at IN preppers that first got me thinking about this. She encouraged me to take some money and put it into preps for others. Hmmm. I hadn't thought about that idea before! I tend to live in my bubble thinking that other folks are doing and thinking the same thing I am. They're taking care of their own business just like I am taking care of mine. But folks, THEY'RE NOT!!!! Most of the rest of the country is not taking steps to prepare, either becaue they don't have a clue that they should, they're naive and don't believe they have to, or because financially they can't. I'm sure that every one of us has friends and family members that fall into all of these categories. Honestly, I'll be happy to help folks that fall into the category of not being financially able to help themselves. I usually have no problem helping people who can't do for themselves. I'm not usually so happy to help those than can, but won't do for themselves.

First off, I recommend that you don't let anyone except family and a few extremely close, understanding, trusting friends see your preps. Hubby and I have taken this stance and, except for a night where I was influenced by margaritas, we keep the pantry door shut when folks come to visit. (I love a good margarita every now and then!) Obviously, the food you are storing can only feed you for so long; the more people you have to feed means the less there is to go around. It's best not to let everyone and their brother know what you have, so that in the event of an emergency everyone and their brother won't be knocking down your door! So, keep that pantry door, (and your mouths) closed!

If folks do need food and you can help, the best advice I've heard is to have some ready-to-eat things that you can hand them outside your door, and ask them to take away and eat. Again, no need to advertise that you're stocked up by having a big party with lots of folks milling around with plates full of food!

You also need to think and pray about protecting what you have stored. Do you have a gun? Are you willing to use it to protect your family and your stores? Obviously, this is a final resort. But, it may be necessary if a situtation gets out of hand. Here again, keeping a low profile about what you have is the best first defense against potential future problems. It's best to talk with your spouse about how you will handle this type of situation if it arises, so you'll know what to do when and if it happens.

So, my advice is to prepare to feed yourselves. Plan to feed others, too, but keep quiet about it until the need arises! (You don't want the domino affect like what happened in the old shampoo commercial....they tell 2 friends, and they tell 2 friends, and so on.) Think and pray about how you'll protect yourselves and your stores. Then stick to the plan.

Prep on!
Gen-IL Homesteader


American Prepper said...

Since we live on acreage, our plan is that those who come for help must also come with a willingness to work and help tend the animals and garden...no work...no eat.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great thought, APN. As hubby and I have thought about our friends that may potentially end up here for help, we've realized that some of them are so unskilled they'll be more of a liability than an asset. We're going to have to teach them a thing or two to help them earn their keep!

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