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Friday, February 12, 2010

Flights and Freebies

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been missing this week. Our Navy son, currently stationed in Japan, is in the states this week and next, so hubby and I are heading to FL tomorrow for a week-long visit with him. So, this week I've been busy getting prepared for the trip. I do have a few posts ready for next week, but I might not have too much time to answer comments. (I always miss reading my favorite blogs while I'm gone, too!)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE free stuff! I try to keep an eye out for great deals that I can share with you that will also help you in your preps/money saving. I have 2 for you today.

First, go here and sign up to receive a free sample of Emergen-C. This is a great item to add to you medicine cabinet.

Secondly, go here, answer 1 question, and sign up to receive a free box of Excedrin. Again, this would be another great, free item to add to your medicine cabinet.

Prep on!
Gen-IL Homesteader


Sarah said...

Gen, I love emergen-c!! Thanks for posting this link for the free sample!

Shelly said...

Gen, go enjoy your visit with your son and do not worry about blog. Also when answering question about excedrin, do not answer excedrin or you'll get a dollar off. Not bad, but free is better. Did this a couple days ago. I have a nice supply of emergen C, just from the freebies websites.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks, Sarah! (Are you MY Sarah?)
Shelly, good tip! Thankfully I answered correctly as I never buy Excedrin.

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