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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gun Owners Day and the Census

Hi everyone! Just a few quick notes today. First, if you live near the IL capital and are passionate about our 2nd Amendment, there's a way you can support it. Mechanic in Illinois commented and told me about IGOLD, which is Illinois Gun Owners Legislative Day. It's happening this Wednesday, March 10th starting at 11:45. If you're interested and think you can make it (wish we could--maybe another year) here is a link for the info. Thanks Mechanic!

Secondly, I received this in the mail today. (Okay, look up--the picture decided it wanted to be up there.) It's a letter telling me that in about a week the census will arrive in our mail. A lot has been written about how the government has no right to ask citizens any question except how many people live in their home. In fact, Rep. Bachman, MN, has said that is the only question she will answer. I have to agree with her and others who think like her. For a better explanation of that viewpoint here is a link to Rep. Ron Paul explaining that the only answer for those 'extra' questions is 'None of your business'. He confirms that every house in the US has had its GPS coordinates marked (I love it when 'conspiracy theories' end up being true!) and how the government has used those 'extra' questions against citizens in the past. Please listen to his recorded message before you decide which questions to answer.
Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader


upinak said...

I have NO love for Paul especially concerning 9/11, but sometimes I wonder if he is leaking secret information and they won't touch him because he may know more then people want to lead on.

But with that said, yes he is correct.... but then google has been in on it for years and now Bing and Yahoo maps as well as a few other sites.

Makes you really wonder, doesn't it. And I am not a conspiracy person at all.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree on Ron Paul. I love him and what he's done to wake folks up to true liberty--myself included. I wish more of our elected officials would stand for their principles they way he has--he's the only one! He always votes the constitution and never bends to party lines.

(I'm more of a conspiracy person. Shhh. Don't tell! :) I love when they turn out to be true! hehehe)

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