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Monday, May 17, 2010

Riotous Behavior

Hi everyone! I read the other day that the Agriculture Department says that 1 in 8 Americans is now on food stamps. Right now, nearly 40 million people rely on the government to feed them! That is an incredible number, an incredible amount of people! Now, whether you feel like government programs like food stamps are right or wrong, I'm sure you know that our government is in debt up to its eyeballs. Our 'leaders' have spent us into debt that, quite literally, will be impossible to pay back. So what happens if the government cannot fulfill its promises? What happens when government programs get cut back? We can look at Greece to see what happens: rioting.

Riots are nothing new to the US. They have taken place many times in many different places. My first 'memory' of US rioting happened after the Rodney King verdict. My point is that just because we live in a fairly 'proper' society, when people are angry, or hungry, riots can happen! Imagine what will happen when our government finally decides to be honest about our financial situation. How will people buy groceries if they have been relying on the government to supply, and the government finally admits that it can't supply?

Hubby and I were discussing this topic over the weekend. He said that in case of riots, we'd stay as long as we could, but there could come a point where we would have to flee to our bug-out location. Immediately, a thought hit me. I've always thought that if we had to flee, maybe our house would be 'used' by a family that needed shelter, folks looking for food that we'd left behind, etc. But, I hadn't pictured leaving my house and it being taken over by rioters and looters! We have put so much time, money, and sweat into this house and property! The thought of it being destroyed by folks who don't care is just too much! I guess just acknowledging what can happen is part of the mental preparedness we need to have. I have to remember that my life consists of more than my home and land. It consists of the family I love.

The financial troubles in Greece, which led to the rioting and turmoil happening there, could be in the not-too-distant US future. Please prepare. Do everything you can to build up your preps! You need water, you need food, you need medical supplies. Don't be the person who is running to the grocery store with the rioters, or the person who has money to buy food and then gets met by thieves. Plant a garden. Learn how to do for yourself and how to do without. Prepare mentally. Think of all the situations that could happen, good or bad. Think of ways you could help others, and think of ways you'll need to help yourself.

"Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory." Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Aloha2U said...

Excellent post Gen! So many things to think about when preparing and the "mental" part is a definite must or we just may lose it. I feel so much in what you're saying here, your home and property is your baby you've nurtured and sweated and poured all your heart and soul as well as money into it but not exactly to let it go to looters and thieves. But I guess at the same hand we'd all probably have to make some fast and swift decisions in a SHTF scenario where time will definitely be of the essence pronto. And there will be no time to be having doubts and mental breakdowns as well. Golly, this is alot more prepping here than I've thought. Thanks for another wake-up call that is always sorely needed. Great post!

Shelly said...

Great Post! 1 in 8 is a lot of people and if these programs are cut things will get ugly fast. The sad part is the elderly and handicapped population that will need these social services. That breaks my heart to think what could happen to them. BOL is something we don't have due to lack of funds and just hope if we have to leave we will be guided from the Lord or someone decent will see us and will be inspired by God to take us in for work along the way.

upinak said...

Gen, you know how I am via reading my Alaska blog. I would recommend you and hubby think about this.

Money helps this situation. Think about buying a very small peice of property in a mountain area around you. Kentucky is close enough and they are in finacial hardship as are the people. You can buy the land at a steal a acre or two for 5K or LESS depending on what the persons crisis is. Have your kids help you as well... they will also need a place.

Now, look into small cabin kits. They should only run around 2500 for your area. I know 2500 is a lot, but think of the value if you HAVE another Bug out location.

The Sig Other and I are trying to figure out the cost of building a cabin on either of our property. He doesn't know that I would rather build on his as it is remote and very hard just to be able to walk in.

If you make a Bug Out Cabin... always remember to make a underground pantry. The mountains will help keep some of your stuff at least edible. Or a cashe. Somethign to help with the food.

It is an option to think about.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Aloha, Thank you. Yes, there is so much to think about. Just when I think I've got it all figured out, a wrench gets thrown in the machine! When 'it' finally happens I don't know if I'll be ready or not! I don't think well on the spot, so it's good for me to think of situations beforehand!

Shelly, Yes, 1 in 8! Ugh. Like you said there are many deserving people who will be hurting because undeserving people have been taking advantage of the situation. Our bug-out location is land we used to own in MO, but sold to cousins. Let me know if you'd like any info on it. (MO, Christian (past) homeschoolers.

Upinak, it sounds like you guys are really ahead of the rest of us in some respects! You and your BF both have property, which is FABULOUS!!! An underground pantry is a great idea! We've been thinking of hiding a number of things underground, but I hadn't thought of food! So much to consider......Thanks for stopping in ladies!

Pioneer Living said...

Great Post.......

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks, Pioneer Living!

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