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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Food Storage Update Update, Prepper Connection, and Being Different

Hi everyone!! So, if you remember, I said that I was going to take this summer and seriously look at my food storage and see where I'm at. I'm taking stock of everything I have on hand, what meals I can make from what I have, and how many meals my food storage can cover. (A big, but necessary task.) Since I was adding so much fruit to the freezer (a friend found a wild patch of black raspberries!), I figured that the freezer was the first place I'd start. Not only did I take stock of what I had, but I was able to clean out a few things that were a bit old. I also found a few hidden items that I'd forgetten about (and are thankfully still good)!! I have a number of pounds of ground beef frozen and I'm thinking that I may cook and can a few pounds so that I've got some more meat that is safe from emergency power outages. Next, because canning season has begun, I'll be looking at my home canned goods. After that, I'll get to the store-bought foods and non-food items.

Recently, through the IllinoisPreppersNetwork forum I 'met' a man who lives in my area. We decided that we would contact each other if we were going to be ordering any supplies, so as to share on the shipping. Well, the week of Independence day we received some food storage rotation boxes that we had ordered. I was hoping to have them up and and in use by now, but I'm having trouble finding a shelf to fit the empty spot and hubby hasn't had a free minute to build me one yet. I'm sincerely hoping it will happen SOON!! I can't wait to use them and to show you all my new 'prepper toy'!! But, back to my new 'friend', when we met in person we realized that we had gone to the same junior high and knew many of the same people!! What a small world! Thankfully now we each have one more like-minded couple nearby just in case something happens!

I don't know about you all, but I like being different!! I like to amaze city folks with my chickens, home-canned goods, and clothes hanging on the clothesline. I love showing off thrift-store deals and my old clunker car that still runs even while it's falling apart. If you're a prepper, you definitely know you're different from most of the world, although thankfully that's changing. Well, last week I had to give up some different-ness (I don't think that's a word! :)) by giving in and buying a new-to-me car. Yep, I now drive a car that's only a few years old but looks like most of the other cars on the road. What a strange feeling that is!! It actually made me shed a few tears on the way home from the dealer's.....especially when I came up behind a car just like the one I was in! My sister assured me that I was indeed still different from the majority of the population and that to drive a car into the ground (after already doing it) one needs to start out with a newer car and start driving. So, while I may not look different to the outside world, I know that I'm different and following my own path. I hope you are, too!!

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader
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Anonymous said...

I loved this post! How wonderful you found someone in your area that is a prepper. Sometimes I'm not sure I like being different, but know that I am. I love my lifestyle, but others don't relate.

The car story is hilarious. We had a car we donated last year (that still ran) that had rope for door handles, power windows that no longer worked (try driving that in 90 degree heat LOL), rust all the way through, and leaked like crazy when it rained. We drove that car till we couldn't take it anymore. I'm sure that car will be talked about over many get togethers when the kids get older with lots of laughs. It was embarrassing driving that thing. LOL It was a '90 Buick Regal. When looking for another we found a '96 Regal. Minus a transmission it has been a great car for the past 2 years. We have a late model truck that we keep in tip top condition. That's the last one we'll ever make payments on and that will be over in 3 months. Great and fun post!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks Shelly!! I love my lifestyle, too, and love to find others that think like me!! (Like you!):)
So, the car thing...none of my windows rolled down, either. Thankfully the air worked! I had been hit and one of the back doors didn't open. No power steering, no anti-lock brakes, rust. It was SOOOO loud, too! Yeah, it didn't look good!! Poor hubby was so embarrassed that I wouldn't give up and get a new one sooner! When the junk man (who I had talked to on the phone) saw my car he said, "Did I ask you on the phone what kind of condition it was in?" I said, "Nope!" He smiled. Thankfully he still paid me for it!
Oh, I canned my first 2 batches of green beans last night! 29 pints!! Woo-Hoo!! I love stocking the shelves!! Take care!

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