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Friday, July 16, 2010

Heat Wave and A Warning

Hi everyone! I hope you're holding up well in this major heat wave IL is experiencing. Wow, it's a doozey!! Hubby and I don't like to use the air unless we absolutely have to, and this year we've probably used it more than we have in the past 2 years combined! Ugh! Because the use of air conditioners in the heat always puts a strain on the electric company, I encourage you use as little extra electricity as possible. Turn lights off, grill out, turn the thermostat up a notch or two. Everything we can individually do will make a difference.

I want to recommend just one video to you today. This is a video of Alex Jones talking about the imminent collapse of the US and the world economy. I thought it was quite informative and sobering. (I know Alex Jones has done some stupid things--like the rest of us--but this video is excellent.) He discusses towns where police departments are laying off officers and announcing that the officers who are left are being kept merely for revenue and will not be able to respond to 'normal' police calls! That one surprised me! I expect things to get bad, but I'm always a bit taken aback when it finally happens. He discusses a few other things including the state of the economy. I just thought it was quite a good warning/wake-up call and wanted to share it.

Folks, fresh fruits are on sale through the summer. Now would be a great time to stock up on some of your favorites and either make jam, can, or freeze some for later use. Better to buy now when prices are low than to wait until later and pay more or possibly not have them available.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Things are sure looking bleak, Huh!
Heat! It has been miserably hot here in Ohio. We generally do not use air conditioning, but did put our window unit in our bedroom just so we could sleep. Not looking forward to electric bill this month. LOL Smart to can or dehydrate fruit and vegies, while they are available and reasonably priced. We are having problems with green beans this year, so tried to plant another bed. I think it is the heat, even though we water and the news was out here, because the farmers crops are dying. :(

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