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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Backyard Foraging: Awww, Nuts!

Hi everyone! One of the free foods that is available to us right now in our backyards (okay, maybe in somebody else's backyard) is nuts! Tree nuts, that is. My sister has a shag bark hickory tree that has wonderful tasting nuts falling from it. We can pick these up for free, or pay my niece and nephew to gather buckets for us! :) Black walnuts are also dropping their fruit now. Black walnuts are a little tough to crack, but if you can get to them the reward is worth the work! Even acorns are edible, but they do require a little work before eating. See this article to find out how to get acorns ready to eat.

Look around you. Are there hickory, black walnut, or oak trees you can harvest from? What other nut trees do you see? Take advantage of this free food just waiting to be harvested!

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