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Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Sobering News......and Encouragements

Hi everyone!! Well, I read this article this morning by Peter Schiff and it really.......it really bummed me out. You know some days you can read something and you're okay, but then read the same thing another day and it really 'bums you out'! That's how this article affected me today. Mr. Schiff discusses what he believes is coming in our economy, and it isn't pretty. Of course, I've always believed it to be true, but today.......*sigh*........the truth hurts.

The paragraph that really got me is the last paragraph of the article which states, "In the end, our bubble economy will not just deflate, it will burst. The dollar will collapse, consumer prices will skyrocket, real credit will completely evaporate, millions more will lose their jobs, and our economy will change in ways few of us can imagine. Our standard of living will plummet and legions of middle- and upper-class Americans will be impoverished. It is not a pretty picture, but unfortunately, it's the one our government is painting. Unfortunately, we are running out of time to change artists." Ugh.

Folks, time is running out. I know we say that all the time, but we don't know the day nor the hour that it will hit us. In fact, every minute of every day we're slowly ticking down into the pit that Peter discusses. PREP NOW!! Seriously, you don't know how much time you have. Take advantage of sales, learn new skills, start planning next year's garden, buy some seeds. DO SOMETHING!!

I try to live self-imposed simplicity. Part of living that way is making do when you don't have exactly what you need. I'd like to encourage you to learn to 'make do'. Making burgers for dinner and don't have buns? Make do! Either use bread or go bun-less. Run out of bread for the kid's lunches? Whip out your recipe box and make a loaf. (They'll enjoy it so much more!) Need buttermilk for a recipe? Better dig out your milk and lemon juice. What I'm saying is, don't run to the store for everything you're missing. Just make do. Figure out what you can do with what's in your house. It's an adventure. It's good for your brain, your family, and your pantry. And it's good practice for when the store might not be available.

Stay alert, folks! Take advantage of holiday sales you come across, and continue to learn new skills. 'Time's a' wastin'!

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Anonymous said...

Is it that the truth hurts or the fact that everything we've been saying is unraveling and it feels like we're about to be hit in the gut with only the breathlessness hitting us first? Sobering article indeed. Holiday sales. Ugh! I can't believe it's getting to be that time of year again. A happy time of year, but for some reason, I feel darkness. Just hope I shake it and it's not impending doom.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Shelly, That first sentence you wrote is it!!!! What a scary time we're living in. I hope you can shake the dark feeling and enjoy the season and your family! I feel leary of what's coming, but the feeling is overcome by my love of this season. (Plus, we hope that our military son will be home over new years!!! I've got something wonderful to look forward to!)

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