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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bernanke Smarter Than We Think???

Hi everyone!! So, I saw this article yesterday http://www.truth-out.org/ben-bernanke-warns-looming-economic-crisis64008 entitled 'Ben Bernanke Warns of Looming Financial Crisis'. Now, if you're like me, you believe that old Ben, the Federal Reserve, both houses of Congress and the president (past and present for each of those groups) have helped to cause the financial crisis we're in, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that those involved can see the problems that are on the horizon. ""The threat to our economy is real and growing," Bernanke said." Really?? Okay, maybe he's smarter than he appears!

Anyway, for those of you who have fallen asleep, who have been lulled to inaction because 'nothing's happened yet', this is another attempt to wake you up to the real dangers that lie ahead of us. Don't stop prepping! Buy what you need and are able to buy! It's important and it's real. Wake up!!

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Anonymous said...

Things do appear to be getting interesting. From what I understand there may be a part 2 to the stimulus, but I may be wrong or not understanding of all the lingo. Been prepping like crazy and trying to scrounge all the goodies from the garden and farmers stands. Thinking about making another run to Shipshewana for dry goods and bulk goodies. They have all the grains etc... but the good stuff I need like powdered butter, sour cream, cheeses and spices that cost an arm and leg online, is so cheap there and all natural. If the Amish thought I was a bit overboard the first time, they will be in for a treat when I head back up there this time. lol All I can do is hope for more time, but it appears to be running out. :(

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Shelly, I know what you mean!! Do you have Jewel food stores near you? They're running great Catalina deals right now in which I'm getting quite a bit of free/cheap food. How far are you from Shipshewana? I love that place! Haven't been there in a few years, though! Go have fun and do a big stock up!!! I know what you mean about time running out....I think we all feel it--thankfully!!!

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