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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hi everyone! What do you see when you look at that picture? A bare space, boxes, 'stuff'? I see shelves!! Lots and lots of shelves!! Shelves filled with food stuffs and other preps! This is the space that my friend has chosen as her pantry. Her hubby is in the process of designing the shelves he's going to build for her. He's even going to build some type of first-in, first-out shelving for her canned goods. Isn't that exciting??!! One more person on board, preparing their family for the hard times to come. It makes me happy!!

I hope you've been able to take advantage of the great food deals that are happening right now! I sure did! I upped the amount of flour I store because of the great sale I found. I also got a great deal on chopped walnuts. Good stuff! Don't forget, November and December are the months to buy those baking supplies at the lowest prices we'll see all year.

So, a friend sent me this link this week. It's an article and video. The article, entitled "The Financial Catastrophe Can Destory Your Future Fast--How to Avoid It", is written by a Dr. Mercola, which would explain the few times that health is mentioned in the article. I thought it was quite good, though, and Dr. Mercola seems to have a good grasp on what's happening in our country right now. The video is entitled "End of Liberty" and is produced by the National Inflation Association. The NIA must have some connection to gold and silver buying, as the last few minutes of the video are basically an advertisement for it. (I didn't actually watch the last few minutes with the ad.) The rest of the video, though, is excellent and could be eye-opening if you're still wearing your rose-colored glasses regarding the state of freedom in our country. The video is just over an hour long, but could be worth your time.

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