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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Got Skills!

Hi everyone!! Are you learning new skills? Skills that will come in handy when tshtf? I hope so. You know, I'm pretty sure that if we as Americans relied more on ourselves than others, if we were happy to live simple lives, if we had skills like gardening, animal husbandry, saving money, contentment, that our country would not be in such a deep mess as the one we're right now. (We'd probably still be in a mess, but the depth wouldn't be as bad if we'd been depending on ourselves and not the government to fill our every need.) The trick is to LIVE that life. I hope you're not learning skills right now to keep yourself afloat, only to forget them and go back to living a shallow life when everything turns around and gets better. That would be such a waste of skill, with no lesson learned. The deep satisfaction that comes from doing for yourself is one that almost nothing else compares to.

So, hubby always likes to buy me a few Christmas gifts, and I try to make up a good little list of a few things that I'd like. One skill that I've been very interested in learning is cheese-making. (Have you ever tried fresh, homemade cheese? Oh man! There's nothing like it!) So, I'm going to find a good cheese-making kit and put that on my wish list for hubby. Might as well use the gift-giving season to stock my preps and learn a new skill, right? What new skills are you wanting to learn?

(Note: After I wrote this, and saved it for today, I read this post over at Ohio Preppers Network, in which Andrea covers the exact same topic! Her post is more thoroughly written, so I'd encourage you to take a peek there, too!)

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

Prep On!

Gen-IL Homesteader
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Anonymous said...

Great post Gen! Candle making is on my list of skills to learn. We like candles here for the scent, light and ambiance. So a starter kit is on my list this year. Cheese making would be an awesome skill to learn. Healthier than store bought and great barter if needed.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Andrea said...


I've never been called thorough before LOL. Thanks for the link!

By the way, tell hubby that Leeners carries the cheesemaking kids you're looking for. Mozzerella cheese is simple and only takes an hour. The delux kit is $50-ish, but the other kits run around $25 and contain everything you need, including great instructions.

Happy THanksgiving!!!

Andrea said...

That should be kits not kids :) So much for thoroughness.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Thanks for stopping in, ladies! Shelly, candle-making is another great skill to learn! I'm with you...I always have candles lit at night. It make the house look and smell wonderful! Shelly, I'm not looking to adopt!! :) lol Just kidding! I will DEFINITELY pull that Leeners catalog out, circle what I want, and hand it to hubby!! Thanks much!!

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