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Sunday, December 5, 2010

12 Days of Prepper Christmas-Day 6

In a past year, Matt from KY Preppers did a series of posts entitled 12 Days of Prepper Christmas. My thanks to Matt and APN for allowing me to use the title for my own series of posts. I hope that you will find something useful that will make your own Christmas more fun, frugal, and wonderful!!

Hi everyone!! I know I've said this on another post (or two!), but I LOVE today's gift idea! My all-time favorite hobby, the thing I spend sooooo much time doing, the thing that occupies my time and my thoughts almost all-year long is dirt! Well, not dirt exactly, but gardening! Know a newbie who wants to start gardening? You've got someone who will enjoy this simple practical gift!

Find an appropriate container. You can use a large gift bag, a basket, or a flower pot, which would be uber-fun packaging! Find a few simple, but strong garden tools, some peat pots, a few packages of seeds, some potting soil, and a pair of garden gloves. They'll have everything they need to start the gardening season off right!

Well, maybe they won't have everything they need. Gardeners need books! Garden books! And the ones with pictures of beautiful gardens are the best! Any book by John Seymour will be sure to delight and inform. (Many of these books are out-of-print, but will be a fabulous gift if you can find one!) One of my other favorite veggie gardening books is 'Growing Fruit & Vegetables' by Richard Bird. If you're a gardener, I'm sure that you have a favorite garden book or author that would delight a new gardener.

Prep On!

Gen-IL Homesteader

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Anonymous said...

Awesome suggestion! I like this one! Pretty note cards on saving seed would go well with this too. Lovin your series. We are having a great season thus far. Hope you are too. If I remember right, it won't be too much longer till your son comes home for a visit. Bet your getting really excited. :) Have a great day!

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Good idea, Shelly, especially if some heirloom seeds are given! Thanks for stopping in! We're are having a great holiday season. Hubby works for UPS, so he's busy, busy, busy!! It means we get to relax at home every evening because he's too tired to do anything else! Yes, my son will be home on the 30th!! I can hardly wait!! I'm getting his care package ready to ship this week, so that he at least has something to open, and some home made cookies, on Christmas! Take care!!

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