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Monday, December 6, 2010

12 Days Of Prepper Christmas-Day 7

In a past year, Matt from KY Preppers did a series of posts entitled 12 Days of Prepper Christmas. My thanks to Matt and APN for allowing me to use the title for my own series of posts. I hope that you will find something useful that will make your own Christmas more fun, frugal, and wonderful!

Hi everyone!! Today's gift ideas are all about learning new skills. Learning skills, to me, is one of the cornerstones of prepping. Learning how to do for yourself is key to staying afloat when things go 'south'.

This first item is one that is on my own wish list this Christmas. A cheese making kit! Here is a link to New England Cheese Making Supply Company. They have all kinds of cheese making kits and supplies. And, they're cheaper than you think! Homemade cheese, if you haven't had it, is FABULOUS!!! It's also a great way to use extra milk, if you happen to have any.

The next two gift ideas are a soap making kit and candle making supplies. I haven't bought either of these online (I've bought candle making supplies from a local craft store), so I'm not going to put up links. I know that by googling either of these, you'll find lots of links to follow. I would also suggest your check with your local craft supply store as they might have just what you're looking for.

Any of these ideas are ones that would be good for those who are anti-prepping, as they will think you're just giving them a fun, crafty gift. Little do they know you're thinking of the prepping side of the gift!

If I get the cheese making kit, I'll update you on the results in the new year!

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader
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