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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Beautiful Sight!!

Hi everyone! Remember I said a few weeks ago that hubby was building shelves for my canned goods? Well, they're done! And I wanted to show off his handy-work! It was hard to get it all in the picture, but there are 8 shelves (5 shorter for pint jars, and 3 taller for quart jars). The entire unit is 6 feet tall and just under 9 feet wide. In the picture above the bottom shelf got cut off. Oh well! It's only holding empties for now. We're going to hang curtains in front of the shelves so that the light doesn't shine on them (and so that they're hidden from folks that I don't want to show my preps to). For now, though, I'm enjoying seeing all those beautiful jars when I go to the basement!

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Aloha2U said...

Hi Gen! I just love it! This is so awesome! I wish we had basements here in Hawaii. All the homes here have no basements, if there is I sure don't know about it.

The shelving system your hubby built is just awesome, I'm still waiting for my hubby to build my raised garden. It's taking so long I'm going to have to start and finish my garden projects without it.

Your post is great! Because it not only shows visuals it helps others to get an idea on shelving and utilizing the space. I also liked how you wrote about covering it up and not showing it to just anyone.

You really don't want the world to know where you put your food storage but that's good advice and tips all in one! Thanks Gen!

Andrea said...


Trying not to covet.

Those shelves are simply amazing.

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