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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do You Know How To: Turn Off The Water

Hi everyone! This is the last installment (for now anyway) in our Do You Know How To series. Today's topic is turning off the water. I'm very interested in knowing how to do this, because water in the basement is something I absolutely DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH!! So, how do we do it?

Our house is on a well. For us, shutting of the water is a very easy thing. We go and turn off the electric box (see post) and it will shut off the well. But, I would also go and turn the levers on the Well Mate (water holding tank) to OFF. (See above picture)

If you're on city water you have a completely different system. Since I can't show you personally how to take care of this, I'm going to refer you to an excellent online reference. This page will show you how to turn off the water depending on what water system you have. It has good pictures of various systems and good descriptions of what needs to be done. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with your city or well water shutoff so you know how to turn it off if the need arises.

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