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Friday, March 4, 2011

Do You Know How To: Turn Off The Gas

Hi everyone! It's our 2nd lesson in the Do You Know How To: series. Turning off the gas! Please forgive my lack of proper terminology!! This will probably be more useful to the ladies like me who don't know a thing about the unit or the terminology, as opposed to the men who might actually know what I'm talking about!! :) Okay, so the picture above is of the gas meter at my house. (Can you see a teensy bit of earth where the snow has melted??? It's so exciting!!) If you're on standard city gas you probably have a contraption something like this at your house, too!
Our particular gas meter has 3 'lines' coming off it; one to the house, one to the game room, and one to the previous owner's grill set-up. The grill setup is in the OFF position already. That picture is above. Do you see the little piece of metal with the hole in it? which you can tell is in front of another piece of metal with a hole in it? When those 2 holes line up, they're in the OFF position. Hubby said the holes are there so that a lock can be put on them to keep the gas off.
This is the gas line that is going to our house. See how one metal piece with a hole is facing down and the other is facing to the left? The holes are not lined up, so the gas is ON. To turn it off, you'll need to get a tool to turn the front piece so that the holes line up. THIS WILL TAKE SOME MUSCLE, LADIES!! But, we can do it! This is another good reason to keep those arms in shape!
This is the gas line going to the game room, which you can tell is also in the ON position. Now, even after I were turn the above unit off, I would still want to go to the game room and turn off the switch there. That picture is below.
Here you see the lever that shuts the gas off right at the game room furnace. As you see below, there are easy On-Off pictures on the lever. But, hubby explained it in a way that's easy to remember. When the lever is in line with the pipe (above) the gas is flowing. If the level is on OFF and turned to the side it's not flowing. (It made sense in my brain, anyway!)
So, there you have it! I encourage you to go outside and check out your gas meter so you are familiar with what you would need to do in the event of an emergency.

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Anonymous said...

Great info here. This is a must for the hubby to show me how to do this. Our gas is a bit more tricky due to not having a meter. We have a tank that gets filled up. Glad to see your still posting and awesome to see your state having meetups. Wish ours was more receptive to this to share gardening, food storage ideas, etc...Hope your doing well.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hi Shelly!! It's so good to hear from you! I miss your posts!! Yes, the IL meetups are great! Wish I was closer so that I could participate!! Hopefully some new OH preppers will surface for you to meet with. I know they're out there...somewhere! Take care!!

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