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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What is Lisa Thinking????

(Obviously, the above pic is photo shopped, but the message of the pic is good reason to protect gun owner's--and non-gun owner's--rights! I certainly do NOT advocate notifying 'bad guys' that your neighbor doesn't own guns!)
Hi everyone! I had another post all ready to go today when I saw this news article. Illinois' Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, would like the state police to release the names of all FOID card holders. Forget about privacy, folks! Thankfully the state police are, so far, refusing to comply with her demands. What Ms. Madigan doesn't realize is that this not only kills the privacy of the gun owner, but it also makes non-gun owners great targets to those who have ill intent! What on earth does Ms. Madigan think can ever be the positive outcome of this type of action? Sheesh!

I would encourage you to contact Ms. Madigan's office and the office of your local state rep and let them know that you want them to protect gun owner's rights (if you feel this way). These types of battles cannot be taken lightly.
Ms. Madigan's main office: 312-814-3000
Link to find your state rep.
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