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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Need Pumpkin Seeds?

Hi everyone! The last two years I've been very successfully growing an heirloom pumpkin called Small Sugar. It is a small pie pumpkin which is an excellent grower, at least in my yard! Last year we got about 70 pumpkins from just a few vines! Just last week I cooked and froze the last of my pumpkins, so they lasted quite a few months in storage in my basement. Small Sugar makes excellent pie, muffins, or bread. It has lots of seeds which are great for eating and saving, which brings me to the point of my post. Since this is an heirloom seed, you can plant the seeds and get the same thing you started out with. And, since we had so many pumpkins, I have lots of saved seed. Which means I have some to share!!

Would you like a few Small Sugar Pumpkin seeds? (See a description here.) If so, please send me an email at illinoisprepper(at)yahoo.com with your name and address. I will try to fulfill as many requests as I can, but if I run out of seed I will let you know. I will send 12 seeds in an envelope. Obviously, there is no guarantee that the seeds will grow, but they should. These are the same seeds that I will be using in my garden, and they have been saved and stored properly. (And they're free for you, so if they don't grow you're not out anything, right?) Since I don't want to be sending seeds 10 years from now if someone happens to find this post then, I will place a cut-off date of March 25, 2011. Please email your requests by then. Thanks!

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1 comment:

Aloha2U said...

Oh my golly Gen! Those pumpkins are just gorgeous! I'm not sure if I could grow a pumpkin here but I think pumpkins are grown somewhere on this island just in time for Halloween.

I'd love to grow a pumpkin in my garden, I've never tried growing one before.

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