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Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Things

Hi everyone!! It's a beautiful day in northern Illinois! I hope it is in your part of the world, as well.

It's rhubarb time! If you've got rhubarb, I'm sure you're harvesting right now. I wrote this post last year about rhubarb, which included a few recipes and my favorite tip for growing great rhubarb! Check it out if you need some rhubarb inspiration. I found a new rhubarb recipe I'm going to try out: Frosted Rhubarb Cookies! Mmmmm. Sounds yummy! I'm always looking for ways to use the foods I grow. I also put lots of rhubarb by in the freezer (in packages sized for future uses) so that I can enjoy this sweet veggie even when it's not in season.

It's also dandelion season, if you don't weed-n-feed. Here's last year's post on a few things to do with dandelions.

Did you plant seeds indoors for plants to put in your garden? I did, and it's just about time to put those plants in the ground. Some of you in the south may have already put your plants in, if your ground has dried enough. For those of us up north, it's time to start 'hardening off' our tiny seedlings. Hardening off is taking them outside for a bit of time each day to get them used to the 'harsh' outdoor conditions they will soon endure full time. I usually bring my plants out for an hour or two the first day and put them somewhere where they can have a bit of sun and a bit of shade. I place them where they're protected from too much wind, as well. Everyday, I bring them out for a little more time, and a little more 'harsh' weather. After 5 or 6 days, the plants should be ready to put in the ground.

I believe that what's happening in the government around us is an indicator of what kind of future we'll probably have. That knowledge allows us to prepare correctly. On that note, here's an article explaining how the Indiana supreme court is shredding the 4th amendment. And, here's a video of Judge Napolitano talking about the same situation and more dangerous activity that's happening at the federal government level. Let's stay alert, folks!

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Gen-IL Homesteader

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Patti said...

Speaking of rhubarb, we have a Rhubarb Festival in Aledo every year.


Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Oh, Patti, that sounds fun!! I'm going to have to check your link out. I'll bet there are lots of good recipe ideas there!! Thanks!

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