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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Exploding Watermelons and Lost Farmland

Hi everyone!! Did you happen to see this news video about the exploding watermelons? Apparently, some farmers in China have planted Japanese seed and half of the farmers are dealing with exploding watermelons! What a frustration it must be for them to see their livelihood destroyed. At first it was reported that the growth hormone sprayed on them was the cause, but some farmers who did not use the hormone have experienced explosions! How strange, eh? I have no idea if watermelons grown in China are shipped here, but I hope not!

The flooding that has happened in IL, KY, TN, LA, and MS has flooded millions of acres of farmland. We don't know yet how it will affect the availability of food that is normally planted in this area, or how it will affect prices. It can't be a good thing, though, when seeds don't get planted. The loss of crops will also negatively affect individual farmers. This situation reminds me that we really have no control! I, myself, have planted seeds in my yard and I'm counting on harvesting the fruits of my labor. Only God knows whether or not that will actually happen. Being prepared for whatever comes is the only thing we can do. Store food when you can. Grow it when you're able. Preserve whatever you can. Learn new skills. As the saying goes, Expect the Unexpected.

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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