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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Southern Illinois- interesting?

Hello Illinois preppers! Yes, I know, it's been a while.

Here's a tidbit I just saw that will be of interest to us southern preppers. yesterday, there was a "plume event" on the new madrid fault line which can be a signal for oncoming seismic activity. Might be something to keep in the back of our minds in the next few days. I did notice that yesterday the critters here on the farm were a bit restless with the goats and horses being a bit unsettled and both the milk cows moo'd all darn day. Wonder if some earth shifting had anything to do with it? Could be, just saying...

As you may have already heard, the crop report for the peanut harvest wasn't a good one with reports of the harvest being up to 40% less than expected with plenty of acreage not producing peanuts at all. prices are slated to go up soon so you might want to put a little extra peanut butter up in your preps if you are fond of it. No sense in paying more for it later when you could get it now for much less.

Weather conditions are starting to change now so keep in the back of your mind what your familys plans are for severe weather and possible long term power outages. We don't want you to be stuck like the folks out on the east coast. Remember to use your head and if you choose a generator or kerosene heater, make sure you have proper ventilation and a CO monitor for safety.

Stay safe and keep prepping!
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1 comment:

Judy Justice said...

I live in what is
considered "earthquake country" - Washington State. Relatives in Illinois have made comments about that fact. The funny part is they are not immune to having one. They should prepare but you know how that is sometimes with relatives. Being prepared for one is high on my family's priorities. It was interesting you posted this and Oklahoma received one. Thanks for keeping the awareness up.

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