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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How are you dealing with higher prices?

Hi everyone! I think spring/summer has finally arrived in Illinois! Thank God!!

I'm wondering how everyone is dealing with the rising cost of food and gas. My last 'stock-up' trip to the grocery store was quite a bit more expensive than normal. I like to leave the store with quite a few dollars in my pocket. The last trip, I left with only $8!! And hubby came home today and told me it took $93.30 to fill up his gas tank! Yikes! Ouch!

In regards to gas, I will be biking to work as often as the weather permits for the next few months. That will certainly help in that department. It's also possible that hubby can car pool with a fellow worker.

In regards to food, my garden is the answer to rising prices! If all goes well and the weather cooperates, I will have jars of beans, tomatoes, salsa, carrots, jams and jellies, and apple and grape products. I'll have okra and broccoli in the freezer, and squashes and pumpkins on the shelves. All of these items will be basically NO strain on my pocketbook! That thought makes me happy.

So, what are you doing? How are you dealing with rising prices? Are you car pooling, driving less, biking more? Are you buying less at the grocery store? Only picking up the necessities? Are you eating out less? You know, cooking from scratch is a definite money-saver! And, scratch-cooked foods always taste better. If you have prepped and stocked-up on foods in the past, you'll be eating those items at lower prices.

We have to 'hang-in-there' for now. I don't believe that prices will be going down anytime soon. In fact, I think we will continue to see prices climb. Let's keep thinking of ways to preserve the money we do have, spending less on unnecessary items and finding deals on the things we do need.

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Roxie said...

Really, the gas is killing us more than the food prices. So far, husband hasn't figured out that he could make less trips to town and therefore save gas. I have food in storage, will have the garden ( I hope) and we raise beef cattle so the freezer is full of meat.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Hi Roxie!! Yes, the gas is painful, isn't it? I keep trying to think of ways to avoid driving!! ;) I hope your hubby figures it out soon! Good for you with the beef and the garden! Wish I could raise my own beef!

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