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Monday, May 2, 2011

Strange Times

Hi everyone! What strange times we're living in, eh? Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tornadoes that ravaged the south last week. I can't even imagine what those folks are dealing with right now.

And, how will it affect the rest of the country? This article explains that around 5 million chickens in chicken farms in the south are dead after the tornadoes. Be aware that food prices could rise as an affect of the tornadoes.

Also, this argument going on between IL and MO! I don't know how the judge is going to rule on this debate. Homes. Farmland. As a prepper, I hate to see any farmland ruined. But, as a person I hate to think of losing my home to flooding. They say the judge should decide tomorrow on which side 'wins'. I'm very interested to see what happens.

A friend on Facebook had this as her status today: "Is it just me or are food prices going up?" Well, I thought she was a bit late in noticing, but assured her that yes, food prices are rising and that the tornadoes could cause even higher prices. Shop sales and stock up when you see good deals. The deals could be fewer and farther between. We're finally getting a break in the rain up here in northern Illinois, so I'm hoping to be able to start cooking outside on my cast iron over the fire. I'll post about it as soon as I can!

Prep On!
Gen-IL Homesteader

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Shelly said...

Hello there, Stranger! It looks like Illinois won the levy argument. Just don't understand why they didn't wait to see if any water receded to lessen the load on the levy. As an avid couponer, I noticed the freebies and great deals are few and far between these days. Still better than full price. I may email you soon if I can dig up your email address. Changed computers...another story. We are planning on a big move and would love to have your opinion as a former missourian. Hope you and your are well.

Aloha2U said...

Hi Gen! It truely is so heartbreaking for me to read these articles regarding farmers losing crops to drastic weather and the animals that they raise on the farms just hits me big time in the heart. Those millions of chickens.......no comment I want to just cry.

I think a lot of people are slowly noticing things happening like food prices, strange weather, and strange happenings all over the globe. But like you said, they are noticing it a way bit too late. Especially if they have not even thought about food storage or any type of emergency preparedness plans for their families.

Those same people will really have to start playing catch-up and fast. Because things are moving quickly and accelerating. And it's as if you don't have at least a months worth stored for the "just waking-up" these people are really gonna be screwed. I'd hate to think they are already screwed to begin with if they're still sleeping but one month's food storage will more than likely last them one week and then there's more to just having food storage that the vast sheeple need to know and be aware of in a wide array of preparedness areas that they would need to have planned years gone by already.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Shelly, Hello!! So good to hear from you! You're moving! How exciting!! If you can't find my email, just email this one here--illinoisprepper@yahoo.com. Wasn't that levy deal crazy? It broke my heart to think of all the farmland that won't be used this year. The loss of food/farmland/animals this year seem monumental between the floods and the Japanese problems. The slogan will go from Got Milk? to Got Food?
I wish I could meet you 2 ladies!! I would love a prepper get together with all of you!!
Aloha, thanks for stopping in! You said it all perfectly! I believe it is too late for so many people. What amazes me, though, is that there are folks who aren't even awake YET??? How much worse does it have to get before they start prepping?? BTW, we planted seeds in the garden today--gr. beans and squashes and pumpkins! This time of year is so exciting!! I love growing my own food! You'll have to keep us updated with pics of how your garden is coming along!! I loved seeing them! Thanks, ladies!!

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